Wilson HPC Computing Facility

List of projects allocated time on the Fermilab Wilson Cluster

The following table was last updated on 9/11/2019

Project Name Description PI or POC CPU/GPU/KNL/ALL Created/Last Updated Active in 2019(Y/N)
accel Accelerator Modeling James Amundson CPU N
accelai AI for Accelerators (LDRD) Gabriel Purdue GPU 02/21/2019 Y
aclcntrl Accelerator Controls Auralee Morin GPU 05/13/2016 N
auger More Info Paul Lebrun CPU 01/07/2014 N
booster Booster simulations using Synergia Alexander Valishev CPU 02/04/2014 Y
cmskftrk CMS Kalman Filter tracking prototype for Xeon Phi and GPU Giuseppe B. Cerati GPU, KNL 12/23/2016 N
cmsnnet Applying deep learning techniques to improve jet-reconstruction in CMS and future designs. Markus Stoye GPU 08/29/2016 Y
CMS-MT-Tests Measurements using the toy-mt-framework Patrick Gartung KNL 09/26/2016 Y
deepskies Deep Skies: AI applications for cosmology Brian Nord GPU 05/08/2019 y
desanal Dark Energy Survey Mike Wang CPU 11/01/2013 N
desnnet Dark Energy Survey Convoluted Neural Nets Brian Nord GPU 04/15/2016 N
dune DUNE training jobs for deep learning Alex Himmel GPU 09/06/2017 Y
earthneu Fluka, GENIE, SQUIDS, MCEq, c++ codes, fortran codes Pedro Machado CPU 10/29/2018 Y
ecloud ?????? Eric Stern CPU 08/01/2011 Y
ewpht-s Standard Model with an extra scalar singlet Yikun Wang CPU 05/03/2018 Y
FIFE_DNN Collect data for training : query kybana and graphite -> train and test the NN Michael Kirby GPU 8/23/2017 N
FrontISTR More Info Sujit Bidhar CPU 04/15/2016 N
fwk Multi-core capable computational frameworks for offline and online applications James Kowalkowski ALL Y
g2qsim Muon g-2 Code Development and Testing Tim Gorringe GPU 9/11/2019 N
g4 GEANT4 toolkit evolution and performance optimization Krzysztof Genser ALL 09/27/2019 Y
g4gpu Optical Photon Simulation on GPU for LAr-based Neutrino Detectors Krzysztof Genser ALL 09/27/2019 Y
g4p Geant4 Validation Krzysztof Genser CPU 09/27/2019 Y
genMC Event Generation Walter Giele ALL 09/20/2013 Y
gwf Genie Work Flow Gabriel Nathan Perdue CPU 12/02/2015 N
iota Integrable Optics Test Accelerator (IOTA) ring simulations Alexander Valishev CPU 02/04/2014 Y
IOTAMcEL Integrable Optics Test Accelerator (IOTA) McMillin Electron Lens Jonathan P. Edelen CPU 01/18/2017 N
lartpcnnet Convoluted neural nets for MicroBooNE and LArIAT. Jason St. John GPU 02/15/2016 N
lhc-evts LHC Events? Patrick Fox CPU 01/09/2019 Y
lqcd LQCD MILC benchmark work James Simone KNL 04/13/2017 Y
mi Main Injector and Recycler simulations Alexander Valishev CPU 02/04/2014 Y
minervaG Event reconstruction for MINERvA using Machine Learning Anushree Ghosh GPU 12/02/2015 N
mu2e Mu2e beam tracking simulations Vladimir Nagaslaev CPU 9/13/2010 Y
nnet Neural Net training to identify neutrino interactions for the NOvA collaboration. Alex Himmel GPU 08/21/2019 Y
novaupmu Neural Net training for "upward going" muon tracks. Andrew Norman GPU 06/19/2016 N
NumuCCPi NumuCCPi Inclusive cross-section measurement at NOvA Near Detector. Reddy Pratap Gandrajula GPU 05/25/2017 N
nuosc Simulations of neutrino oscilations at the LBNE. Pilar Coloma CPU 09/01/2015 N
oscisims Simulations of neutrino oscilations at the neutrino experiments (DUNE, NOvA, Hyper-Kamiokande, JUNO, etc.) Pedro Machado CPU 10/26/2018 Y
QCDloop Calculation of theoretical predictions at next-to-next-to-leading order in QCD, primarily in support of LHC experiments. The calculations are performed using a multi-threaded version of the parton-level Monte Carlo code MCFM that has been optimized for running using MPI. John Campbell CPU 04/10/2013 Y
qis_algo Classical simulations to develop quantum algorithms Alexandru Macridin CPU 02/21/2019 Y
quantuml HEP ML/Opt Goes Quantum Gabriel Purdue CPU 02/21/2019 Y
recolar Explore strategies for parallelization and vectorization of reconstruction algorithms for LArTPC experiments Giuseppe B. Cerati CPU 12/23/2016 N
sbnd SBND (Short Baseline Neutrino Detector) is an under-construction liquid argon time projection chamber. Deep learning techniques are shown to work well for some tasks in liquid argon detectors, but require GPUs to train the networks in reasonable time scales. Corey Adams GPU 09/29/2017 N
srflinac ILC 9-cell cavities simulations Alexander Sukhanov CPU 08/15/2012 N
tbfacllp The objective is to identify search strategies and evaluate reach of B-factories BaBar and Belle-II for long-lived particles with novel decays to the SM via non-renormalizable operators. Nikita Blinov CPU 10/19/2018 Y
uslarp Simulations of LHC beam dynamics Alexander Valishev CPU 02/04/2014 Y

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Last modified: Sept 27, 2019