Wilson HPC Computing Facility

Filesystem Details

Each cluster worker node NFS mount disks from the head node (tev) and the file server (newtevnfs) using IP over IB on the Infiniband network as follows:

Mount Description Data Type
/usr/local NFS mounted from head node (ibtev) Common user applications, compilers and system tools.
Backup: YES Daily incremental backups to TiBs.
/home NFS mounted from head node (ibtev) User home area with 6GB quota limit per user.
Backup: YES Daily incremental backups to TiBs.
/data NFS mounted from file server (ibnewtevnfs) User application data area. 30GB quota limit per user on /data.
Backup: NO

All the above mentioned data areas are available on the cluster head node tev.fnal.gov and the worker nodes

Transferring data using Globus Online

We have setup a dedicated Globus endpoint server named wilson#Wilson (case sensitive) so users can access most of their data areas (such as home, data, fast, etc.). The /data area is setup to be writable. The rest of the areas are setup read-only so one can only transfer data out of the cluster, not the other way round. If you have any questions or issues following the steps listed below please email us at tev-admin@fnal.gov. For Globus account related questions please contact the Globus support team.

One time registration
In order to transfer files using the Globus endpoint server you will need to notify us of your CILogon certificate DN content. To find your CILogon certificate DN go to cilogon.org, authenticate with your home institution (Identity Provider) and send email to tev-admin@fnal.gov with the "Certificate Subject" line (underlined in red below).

File transfer procedure
Steps 1 through 8 list the actual file transfer procedures.

Step1. Login to your Globus Online Account using CILogon at https://www.globus.org/

Step2. Make sure to use CILogon to authenticate yourself. Search your home institution and use that, the one shown in the screenshot (Fermi..) is an example. If Fermilab is your home institution then use that.

Step3. Click on the Endpoints link to activate the wilson#Wilson endpoint for the Wilson cluster.

Step4. Enter wilson#Wilson (case sensitive) in the search bar to locate the endpoint. Click the activate link to activate this endpoint.

Step5. Click the Activate Now button to activate the endpoint.

Step6. Click the Continue button to be redirected to the CILogon site for authentication.

Step7. Search for your Identity Provider/Home Institution and select that to authenticate yourself.

Step7. If all went well thus far then you are ready to transfer files. Click on the icon circled in red in the screenshot below.

Step8. CONGRATULATONS !! You should be able to see your Wilson cluster home directory contents as shown below. You can browse other available directories by clicking the up on folder link.

Contact: Amitoj Singh
Last modified: Nov 6, 2017