Wilson HPC Computing Facility

Obtaining a New User Account

Kerberos authentication is required in order to access the AMR RFSIMS (aka. Wilson cluster) computing facilities at Fermilab. For remote users, the following are required:

  • Fermilab Visitor ID
  • Fermilab Kerberos Principal
  • Unix accounts on the cluster machines

In all cases, those applying for new or renewed accounts need to read the Fermilab Policy on Computing before Fermilab grants you computing privileges.

Step 1. Fermilab Visitor ID and Kerberos Principal

For a detailed explaination of the process, please visit the "Accounts and Passwords" page. The comments that follow are more specific to those requesting access to the Accelerator Simulations Cluster.

If you have used computing resources at Fermilab before, you may already have a Visitor ID. Use the search function of the Fermilab telephone directory to look for your name. If an entry exists for you and that entry lists a Visitor ID number, record that number for use while updating and/or renewing your access privileges. The details regarding the Visitor ID application process for a Non-Employee Off-Site Fermilab User can be found at the "Accounts and Passwords" page.

For a new ID and Kerberos Principle

If you never had a Fermilab Visitor ID then you will need to submit the online application form for a Visitor ID and/or Kerberos principal using the "Request for Fermilab User/Visitor ID and/or computer accounts."

Renewing your Visitor ID and Kerberos principle

Your Fermilab ID and computer privileges expire at different intervals depending on your classification (employee, contractor, on-site or off-site visitor). If you have received an email from the Fermilab Service Desk about a soon to expire or expired Fermilab Visitor ID and computer privileges then follow the two steps listed below to renew your VID and Kerberos principle. Please note that even when your ID and computer privileges expire we do not erase any user data stored on the Wilson cluster storage disks.

In case you need to find your VID number then use the Fermilab telephone directory search pages to look for your name. If an entry exists for you and that entry lists a Visitor ID number, record that number for filling out the application

Fill out this form to renew your Fermilab Visitor ID.

Step 2. Unix accounts on the Wilson cluster machines

Once your ID/account is approved and the request is processed, you will receive an email with your Kerberos principle. The Kerberos principle is in a form like "username@FNAL.GOV". The next step is to create an account for you on the cluster machines and associate that account with either an existing or new project. Please follow the appropriate next steps noted below based on your project status.

Existing Allocation / Projects

In order to add you to an existing project allocation, we need an email from the project's PI or POC asking that we add your account and associate it with the project. NOTE: It is the account requestors responsibility to make sure the project PI or POC sends the confirmation email within a reasonable time frame as we do not have the resources to follow up with an unresponsive project PI or POC. The current list of allocated projects lists the PI or POC contact person. Please send the email to tev-admin@fnal.gov including the Kerberos principle and the project name.

New Allocation / Project

If you are asking for a new allocation/project, we require a short write-up of as much information as the requester can provide for the intended request. We request information (but not limited to):

  1. A project name (up to 8 characters, case-sensitive)
  2. Are you requesting CPU or Intel Knights Landing (KNL) + GPU resources
  3. The proposed work-flow that will run on the cluster
  4. Expected job sizes (it could be as simple as the number of parallel nodes a job will request and in some cases it might be a single node)
  5. How long are the cluster resources required for (days, weeks, years)
  6. Disk space for volatile and non-volatile data
  7. Name of project supervisor or PI

If you have any follow on questions regarding the requested information please do not hesitate to email us at tev-admin@fnal.gov. Once you provide this information, your request will be evaluated by the Wilson cluster conveners.

Contact: Amitoj Singh
Last modified: Nov 27, 2018